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I currently work part time with Allied Barton and have never had an issue with corporate or anyone who works my post.I have a good Site Supervisor but I have never met the District Manager.

I have talked to him on the phone and he is courteous and respectful. Never had a pay issue. My post is rural and very isolated, but it is OK by me. I am left alone for the most part.

I feel I am paid fairly for the work I do, which is not that hard or that much. I am satisfied with them and everything they have said has been the truth. You are not going to get rich working security. If you feel you are not making enough go somewhere else.

This is a low paying job. If you have more skills get a higher paying job or better position.

I use this job to earn extra cash to support my hobbies, which is about all it is good for.I would hate to have to survive off of this as my primary income.

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Use it to support your hobbies?Sounds like you are retired and don't need much support, which is the only reason you have no complaints, and it sounds like you have a decent post that you are happy with, but flex officers get run through the ringer with outrageous expectations and are not respected.

Try being a flex officer and see how long it takes before you decide the job is not even worth all their illegal activities, forcing you to work 7 days a week and gipping you on pay, and expecting you to be on call for 24/7 and if you go out once a month you're threatened to be disciplined and are not expected to have a life.

I find it funny that you took the time to write a good review on a site called "pissed off consumer", are you sure you're not some kind of supervisor or manager that is part of their inner circle of corruption, just making a fake review to counterbalance the look of the company?Because it looks like it.

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